There are two ways to create shipments:

1. Create a shipment from scratch

The main way to create an inbound shipment is to create it from scratch. To do this open the Inbound Shipments page and select the “New Shipment” button in the top right corner.


You will then have to name your shipment and specify what warehouse the shipment is being sent to. To finish, select “Create Shipment”. This will create a new and empty inbound shipment.


2. Import a Shipment from Amazon

You may have the option to import a shipment from Amazon if you've already created an Inbound Shipment in your InventoryLab account. Since such a shipment is already registered with Amazon, importing it will create an outbound shipment on your portal in addition to an optional inbound shipment. To import a shipment from Amazon in this way, follow these steps:

  1. On the Inbound Shipments page select the “Import Amazon Shipments” button in the top right corner.


  1. On the page there will be a list of shipments that have already been created on InventoryLab. In the Import Settings side bar, you can enter in a specific shipment’s ID in the search box to find it in the list.

  2. Once all the above settings are to your liking, select the “Import Shipment” button on the shipment you want to import.


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